There’s Still Time

To pick up some last-minute New Year’s gifts — take a look at what we’ve got here today.

We start off today with a couple of novels from Iain M. Banks, who comes up with some doozies — as in Surface Detail, a novel of the Culture, in which a sex slave is after revenge — now that she’s been brought back from the dead — and The Hydrogen Sonata, about where civilizations go when they retire. Unless they don’t. (I love it for the title alone.)

And next, a first-contact story in a novella by Alastair Reynolds, Troika, built on threes — with a twist at the end.

And happily, a new reissue from one of our favorites, Glen Cook’s A Fortress in Shadow — two prequels to the Dread Empire series, The Fire in His Hands and With Mercy Toward None, in a nice, neat package.

How about a werewolf fighting the Nazis in World War II? Sound intriguing? Take a look at Rober McCammon’s stories of Michael Gallatin as told in The Hunter From the Woods.

And finally for today, another war story, but not that war. Read what we have to say about Marc DeSantis’ Blood Like Wine, and limber up your Kindle.

That’s it for today — enjoy the rest of the holidays, and have a happy New Year.

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