Steeleye Span: Folk with a Rocky Edge

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Come in! Leave your boots and anorak over by the roaring, rattlin’ fire! Yes, feet in stockings are common here…

I see that you noticed that the season has turned nasty in this North Atlantic city where our . . . → Read More: Steeleye Span: Folk with a Rocky Edge

Tamson House Music!

This post first appeared over at Sleeping Hedgehog but I though it might interest readers here as well.

From the announcement:

After many years of performing, and hundreds of requests for CDs, we are thrilled to announce Charles de Lint‘s album, Old Blue Truck. Recorded at Brock Zeman’s Mud Music Studio, the CD features ten . . . → Read More: Tamson House Music!

Mackenzie’s Wrong: It’s Still Winter

I’m tired of winter. It’s gone on far too long this year, and the satisfaction of watching storms through a secure window has faded. I’m an old man — when snow keeps on into April I start feeling my age, and feeling sorry for myself; when there’s still ice on a fine May morning, I . . . → Read More: Mackenzie’s Wrong: It’s Still Winter

It’s Spring!

The Spring ale is flowing freely, the Neverending Session is in the Courtyard enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, and there’s a lot of rather randy sounds coming from Oberon’s Wood.

So why the bloody fuck would we expect anyone to write reviews under these conditions? I certainly wouldn’t! Nor would I expect the editorial . . . → Read More: It’s Spring!

Words and Music

There’s a difference between getting money for what you do and doing it for money. If you don’t do it for love, or because you think it needs doing, get out and let somebody else do it. If nobody else does it, maybe that means it shouldn’t be done. — Emma Bull’s Bone Dance

Iain’s . . . → Read More: Words and Music