Summer Reading

I’m up in the Kinrowan Estate library as a way of avoiding all the work that needs doing for our Midsummer celebration in Oberon’s Wood. Even Emma Bull’s busy harvesting more of those odd Border strawberries . Not that I’m adverse to a bit of honest work when need be, but I’m a better fiddler . . . → Read More: Summer Reading

The Rowan Stave: A Sharyn McCrumb Commentary

One finds the oddest things in the Archives here at the Kinrowan Estate as I found an odd one-off that Sharyn McCrumb of the Ballads novel fame, did with the able assistance of Sweetwater, a well-known folk band.

Sharyn wrote and recorded ‘The Rowan Stave’, the song that is the heart of her novel, The . . . → Read More: The Rowan Stave: A Sharyn McCrumb Commentary

Fiction: Some Current Reviews

As usual, our fiction reviews run the gamut from a beloved children’s classic in T.H. White’s The Once and Future King to some that may some day be considered classic. Or not. White’s novel is an Arthurian fantasy that was first published in 1958 and is stitched together from earlier works written between 1938 and . . . → Read More: Fiction: Some Current Reviews

Alas the music did die…

Way back in the Nineties I wrote this piece:

First up is a CD that you can’t purchase anywhere — yet. Hell, the band doesn’t even have a proper name yet, but they’ve been called both the Old Drones and the Windbags.The Editor got two copies of this EP, so he slipped me one of . . . → Read More: Alas the music did die…