A Choice Bit of Fantasy for Your Winter Reading Pleasure

And now a recommendation by one of our staff for your Winter reading pleasure

In 2007, a new fantasy novel appeared by a first-time author named Patrick Rothfuss. That novel, titled The Name of the Wind, became very popular, earning impressive sales and even more impressive reviews for Mr. Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind was billed as the first volume in a trilogy called The Kingkiller Chronicle, and Mr. Rothfuss promised that the next two books would be published in one-year intervals. However, a funny thing happened on the way to Book Two, The Wise Man’s Fear, Mr. Rothfuss apparently had a lot more work to do on it than he had originally bargained for, so much so that Book II failed to appear in 2008. It also failed to appear in 2009, and failed again to appear in 2010. However, that streak of years has finally ended, and Book II of The Kingkiller Chronicle finally showed up in bookstores just last month. Of course, when any long-awaited book or movie or CD or video game or just about anything else finally makes its appearance, the question on everyone’s mind is: Was the wait worth it?

I can only say this: absolutely.

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