Kate Griffin’s Matthew Swift trilogy

Looking for a good urban fantasy that doesn’t involve the usual Things of an Unnatural Nature such as vampires, werewolves, trolls, and the like? Oh and you want to be firmly grounded in a real city, say London? Do I have a deal for you!

I’d say that Kate Griffin’s London based Matthew Swift trilogy (so far at least) consisting of A Madness of Angels: Or, The Resurrection of Matthew Swift; The Midnight Mayor: Or, The Inauguration of Matthew Swift; and The Neon Court: Or, The Betrayal of Matthew Swift will do very nice.

As I said in my review, ‘Mathews Swift, sorcerer, in a present-day London both similar and very dissimilar to our London, is dead. Quite dead. No one who knew him doubts that. Matthew Swift, sorcerer, walks London once again looking very much whole and not dead. Matthew Swift, sorcerer, has a bad case of multiple personality disorder as he’s now inhabited by a multiple consciousness that thinks it’s angels. Really. Truly. Matthew Swift, sorcerer, may not exist at all. Got that? ‘

It’s the most original London based fantasy I’ve read in a very long time. It really sings, as do the electric blue angels herein, as everything in London is alive, is full of magic, and is seriously weird in a way almost all urban fantasies aren’t. And reading all three books back to back certainly is the best way to experience her narrative.

My full review is here.

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