More of Everything

Well, more books and music, and that should be enough. Hi, it’s me again, and we’ve got some really interesting things for you today.

From the folklore of the Levant East comes Ron J. Suresha’s The Uncommon Sense of the Immortal Mullah Nasruddin, a retelling of tales of the Middle Eastern Wise Fool. And as long as we’re in the land of sand and sun, how about a look at Leona Wisoker’s Guardians of the Desert? Probably not what you were expecting.

And from master storyteller Glen Cook comes something that is part science fiction, part mystery, and part something elser: A Matter of Time.

For music today, let’s take a turn with Eric Bibb in a live recording, Troubador Live.

There’s more waiting in the wings, so check back soon.

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