Elizabethan history meets the Fae

My it’s nasty outside the Library windows here at the Estate right now with a cold, hard rain and gusty winds making for a perfect evening for reading by the fire.

So I have an excellent reading suggestion that will provide you with many a night of reading pleasure when the weather where you are turns equally nasty.

The suggested reading? Elizabeth Bear’s linked novels Ink and Steel and Hell and Earth, which is really one large novel divided into two parts that combines Elizabethan history and all its intrigues with the magical word of Faerie.

Our reviewer raves in his omnibus review, ‘Where others are writing mythic fiction, Bear has written mythic history — it may not be history as it happened (as much as we can know what happened), but it is history that rings true in a much deeper way than a mere relation of events could ever accomplish. What’s left to say? Brava!’

Read our review here.

When you get done with those works by Bear, check out our Elizabeth Bear edition for more excellent reading possibilities.

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