May Day!

Hmmm… Must be May Day as the may Pole is up in the Courtyard… Hardly anyone’s laying about reading or drinking Ola Dubh ale from the Harviestoun Brewery in Scotland to stay warm… And more than one of the Several Annies has gotten a stern warning from Mrs. Ware about taking proper precautions if they’re headed off to Caterhaugh with their kirtles green…

Hell, even the Neverending Session has decamped to the Courtyard to play in the truly warm afternoon sun! So indeed do join us later in that Courtyard as they will be joined by Chasing Fireflies, a wonderful contradance band with Reynard on concertina, a lass named Finch 0n medieval great pipes, Eldritch Steel player Wicker on harp, and Bêla on violin, with a surprise guest caller!

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