For English Music and Dance Fans

If you are interested in English folk music and dance and I assume that many of you stopping by here are, there is the perfect website: Martin Nail’s site which is appropriately named English folk and traditional music on the Internet.

This site aims to provide pointers to the best and most usable Internet resources for those interested in English folk and traditional music, a subject which often gets lost in more wide-ranging folk music sites. 

It is a specialist site as it excludes other traditions of music, even if performed in England. 

The website includes sections on organisations; libraries, archives and museums; research and education; print and broadcast media; song, tune and dance collections; discographies, bibliographies and indexes; instruments, events; performers; folk music businesses; regional resources; and there is an alphabetical section on specific genres such as ballads, folk plays, English country dancing, and Morris dancing. 

Other pages cover English folk music performers with Websites, Folk music businesses, and Folk and traditional music in specific areas of England.

Good stuff indeed!

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