Next Issue: December 21st

Greetings readers!

We are redesigning Green Man Review as a blog (and if anyone has a less ugly word for such an affair, do please tell us). what that means is that there is a lot of work that needs to be done so we are taking a break until we relaunch on Winter Solstice.

Feel free in the meantime to visit our sister endeavor, Sleeping Hedgehog, to get a feel for what the new Green Man Review will be like. And there’s lots to read over there as we are posting lots of material there both new and rediscovered here as Iain Mackenzie, our Librarian, dives into our decades old archives.

In the meantime, all the Green Man Review archives are alive and well, including various special editions, listed over there in the sidebar.

See you back here on the twenty- first of December!

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