Roots & Branches

As well as co-incidentally being part of the subtitle of Green Man Review, Roots & Branches is also the name of a long-running “folk, roots & beyond” radio show on community station Three D Radio in Adelaide, Australia, hosted by me since 1985.  As well as playing new releases and rarities, over the years the show has also featured exclusive recordings from local gigs, interviews and live-in-the-studio performances from local and visiting artists.

A blog related to the show has recently begun, which currently features playlists from the radio show, news, exclusive pictures, videos and the like. The general plan is for the blog to be “nominally related but separate” to the show and to eventually feature its own exclusive content, in the form of audio interviews and live performances. Kind of like a combination of show and blog, using the best aspects of both media.  The intention to stretch the definition of ‘folk’ to its limits remains the same, in any case.

To see how this all develops, interested listeners and/or readers should visit, and perhaps bookmark or follow Roots & Branches here.

After 27 years, Roots & Branches may still have some surprises in store…

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