Iain MacKenzie, Librarian, speaking. After Reynard's description of me last edition, I feel it's only fitting I set the record straight. I am nothing like as scruffy as that disparaging description of me by Reynard, who is himself rather scruffy looking, would suggest. My hair is long but generally it's worn in a pony tail with a silver barrette gifted to me by an admiring lady friend many years ago. The 'very scraggly beard' is no worse than that of any of the male musicians around here during the winter -- one tends not to shave as often as one should. And I'm Border Scots, so my beard, like that many of my fellow countrymen, doesn't grow as thick as that of the bloody Highlanders, but then we don't smell like sheep dip and lanolin either!

As for 'Tattered old clothes that have seen much better times', my arse! I'll have you know my leather jacket is a WW II bomber jacket, but it's in fine shape, and those Levis are worn just right. If the buggers paid me better -- hell, if they remembered to pay me at all! -- I'd purchase some new clothing. Or at least think about it. The Management is generous in doling out goodies to the musicians and writers here, but forgets about the supporting staff. A frelling General Strike by all of us would serve them right!

So I am gnarly, and with good reason. (My favorite t-shirt which I have on now says 'I am wearing black until somebody invents a darker color.') Not to mention, the odd requests I get as Librarian would drive weaker men to drink and distraction. Even the Librarian in the Mere of Books in Evenmere has told me that the Steward of that House can be a bit too demanding at times, and don't ask Lucien about some of the queerer requests he's had from the odd group which makes use of this Library! Imagine the digging I had to do to find an architectural history of Gotham, one which reflected all of its incarnations, or a history of the Evenmere Stewarts. (That was easier than I expected as my fellow Librarian in the Mere of Books loaned me his own work about the Stewarts. Fascinating reading it was.) The oddest ideas get argued out in the Green Man Pub which in turn means someone asks me if we have something to help their side of an argument. The conversation this week was a riff off the idea that the Yanks didn't join in WWI, so German wasn't defeated at all allowing Germany under the Kaiser and the Ottoman empire to continue to flourish to the present day. (The kitchen was serving up smoky Kolozsvari Hungarian bacon for breakfast which got Bela waxing nostalgic.) So naturally several of them popped in wanting novels set in a modern day Ottoman Empire. Now that was an interesting quest!

Now excuse me as I've found a libation worth savoring -- Blue Mountain coffee with a generous splash of Mozart Black Chocolate Liqueur to give it that proper kick. And do not bother me the rest of this evening as I'm reading all of Der Kinder und Haushalt der Grimm Br'der Geschichten. My, these are gory reading!