Nancy Carlin -- best of 2009

Best Live Performance

The concert that absolutely knocked my socks off was by OSTRAKA (Josh Lee, viola da gamba, Dave Walker, and John Lenti, lutes & theorbo)  put on by Barefoot Concerts in Berkeley, CA in October. They played highly ornamented music for bass viola da gamba, including pieces by Marin Marais and Diego Ortiz and I have never here this music played better. I think there will be a CD out by this group in the Spring.

Elizabethan Music

My all-time favorite music is from Elizabethan England: galliards, pavans, ground basses, variations on pop and ballad tunes, but I am a lute player. Well, I don't really play lute anymore. Now my passion is the wire-strung instruments in the lute family; primarily orpharion (strung in brass but tuned like a lute), the bandora and cittern (not quite the same as the Celtic cittern -smaller with 4 pairs of string). Check out some of the orpharion players on You Tube or the band Pantagruel on MySpace.

Favorite Regular Listening

I spend a lot of time working on my computer and my favorite background music is the Listen-on-Demand shows I get through the BBC's web site. My week always includes the following shows:

Early Music Show
Celtic Heartbeat (Wales)
Johnny Coppin
Sunday Folk
World Routes
MaryAnn Kennedy

A Good Year for Food

Recently I have been learning to cook - that is cook interesting things, that are also healthy too. For me the interesting part is the herbs and spices that I am learning about. I like to cook food from India, Thailand and Morocco and am a regular at the Indian and Oriental groceries near where I live. My favorite spices are
Star Anise