Cat Eldridge's 2009 Best Of Picks

As always I was very happy that a number of my favorite series saw new releases this year. Neal Asher'a Orbus is a well-done not so predictable monster hunt set in his Polity series and Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May on the Loose has those two ancient detectives surviving the demise of the Peculiar Crimes Unit in their usually manner.

One author, Simon R. Green. scored a hat trick -- I'm experiencing long-running the lengthy Deathstalker series in audio form while the latest Nighside novel, The Good, The Bad, and The Uncanny had major character deployment in it as that series winds down, and of new novels The Spy WHo Haunted Me which is the third Secret Histories novel with the fourth, From Hell With Love, due out this year

I took a close look at the new offering by Christopher Golden first collection, The Secret Backs of Things. Really. really great stories! I written three reviews so far, one for each of the first three volumes, of The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny which really is stories, poetry speeches, and so forth. Oh, the latest set of Midsomer Murders was the finest set in the span of the entire series.

As usual, this household watched a lot of DVD based series with The Murdoch Mysteries set in Victorian Toronto being really good stuff that rises above mere entertainment as this is indeed great storytelling as was the latest set of films in Agatha Christie's Poirot -- The Movie Collection. Highly recommended for anyone who like his work.