Vonnie Carts-Powell, Reviewer, grew up in a household of engineers and scientists who listened to and made country, classical, rockabilly, acid and metal rock, marching band, and ragtime music. In spite of these influences, she emerged from childhood as a devoted folkie and a writer, editor, and avid reader of speculative fiction. Genetics will tell, however, since she's also a physicist.

She likes music with strong fiddle parts, powerful lyrics, danceable beats, and/or wonderful voices.

She is a stark raving Oysterband fan, and has been known to travel more than 6000 kilometers to see 4 gigs.

Yvonne's outstanding characteristic appear to be the willingness to dance anywhere, anytime, with enthusiasm if not grace. She has also been known to sing and play fiddle and melodeon in public, in much the same way.

She is sometimes embarrassingly enthusiastic about the joys of parenting, folk-rock bands, Morris dancing, caving, sourdough baking, gardening, and independent bookstores.

She has held jobs that included digging up land mines, painting houses, renovating theaters, designing and building circuit boards, and editing books and magazines. Much to her surprise, she now makes a living as a freelance science writer for magazines and Web sites. She has been known to describe herself to potential employers as a techno-dilettante who loves words.

Vonnie can be reached by e-mail at vonnie@greenmanreview.com.