His mother likes to claim that she found him under a rock, but Robert J. Wiersema, former reviewer, was actually born in a small town 20 minutes outside the middle of nowhere. He spent his childhood in the circus, at times on the highwire, at others inside the machine that has the answers to all of your questions. After a long voyage by sea and a lengthy apprenticeship at the merciful hands of his wife and, later, son, he now lives in a castle by the sea, the yard of which needs mowing.

Robert has no hobbies, just passions: books, music, film and family. He plays no musical instruments save the stereo, at which he is quite accomplished, and is proud to have a much-loved music collection which includes more John Coltrane albums than a person has a right to (which is still not nearly enough) -- he's currently listening to an Emm Gryner CD, with the new Badly Drawn Boy on deck. He works in the book trade, bringing together authors and readers, and in his spare time reviews regularly for Quill & Quire magazine, the Vancouver Sun and a number of other publications and media outlets. He wonders whether the cigars he smokes while he reads for review purposes are tax-deductible, and wishes he had the courage to find out. He is currently at work on his third or fourth first novel (these things are so hard to keep track of), and when he has a spare moment, he'll mow the lawn. Honest.