No'am Newman, Senior Writer, first picked up the violin, then the piano (strong lad he was!) before graduating to playing the guitar at the age of 12. Still at it 30 years later, he has mainly given up "analogue" music for the dubious pleasures of MIDI (music via computer), which at least allows him finally to express himself musically as he has always wanted to.

He started listening to "progressive music" at the end of the sixties, along with a strong interest in British traditional music; Fairport Convention had just released their milestone Liege and Lief album, which was one of his first album purchases. At the end of the 90s, we find No'am still buying Fairport albums, along with those of Randy Newman, and anyone else who was interesting in the 70s.

Trained originally as a food analyst, No'am spent 13 years as an accountant before becoming the CIO and Computer Services Manager of Tzora Furniture Industries - one of Israel's leading office furniture manufacturers. No'am lives on Kibbutz Tzora, near Jerusalem, with his wife and two children, and is always ready to host Internet friends.