Hotter than a steaming cappuccino, more powerful than a three-day-old triple shot espresso, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (given a
helicopter, a parachute and a whole lotta Prozac) {the legend continues}.

When she is not engaging in delusions of grandeur, Senior Writer/Live Events Editor, Liz ("Call me Überwench") Milner works as a public information
officer for a county in Virginia that shall be nameless (favorite official directive: "don't publicize anything that might be popular.") Author of the
widely ignored screenplay, "Lipgloss of the Damned: An Imagined Collaboration Between Stephen King and Danielle Steele," she is a rabid fan
of British Isles folk music and a confirmed Carthoholic. "I dream of him explaining DADEAD tuning to me." Her hobbies include cartooning and
producing the 'Totally Bogus' line of faux folk art. She recently survived running a 10K race. Her Web site is here. She can be reached by e-mail here.