Lahri Bond, Designer and Illustrator, is the grandson of Scottish and English emigrants Adelaide Morton and William Augustus Hoops, son of Jeanne and James (not on her majesty's Secret Service) Bond. He was born in the very un-mythological city of Jamaica, Queens, New York, but his family moved shortly afterwards to Queens Village, NY, where his grandmother was widely considered by the town's people to be a witch.

He has in this lifetime lived in New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Arizona and Edinburgh, Scotland. Among the many jobs he has held, some have included cook, dishwasher, ice cream server (but only for a day), ventriloquist, donkey team driver for a traveling chataqua, clown, naked defender of National Forest land, art teacher, artist's model and professional artist. He currently resides in Western Massachusetts with his lady love Deborah, their two cats and his occasionally human teenage son Emrys.

Bond is a designer and illustrator, whose business; Heartswork Graphics designs posters, T-shirts, CD covers and illustrated stories for a wide variety of arts related clients. The fiddling and blinking Greenmen on this website are part of a large series of mythological and Celtic related artwork he is now working on. Besides teaching at various high schools, art schools and working with at risk children, Bond somehow manages to write, photograph and act as art director for Dirty Linen, the magazine of Folk & World Music.