Judith Gennett, Senior Writer, lives in The Dalles, Oregon... very near the Columbia River... with her husband, two younger children, and two originally feral cats. She's a palynologist (she is trained to look at fossil spores and pollen) by trade, with a doctorate from Texas A&M in geology. That's why she's so fond of rock-enhanced music! Right now, though, she is studying Swedish and Finnish at Portland State University. Terve, Suomalaiset!

She has been doing "folk" radio since 1995, first hosting an English and Celtic show at KEOS in Bryan-College Station, Texas, then an additional eclectic show, and finally a European roots music show on KPSU in Portland, Oregon. You can listen on the web at www.kpsu.org on Sundays from 11am to 1pm (That's Oregon time). Or if you are in Portland in your car, you can listen from noon to one at 1450 AM, the KBPS frequency.

Judith has written music reviews for Dirty Linen, FAME, RootsWorld, Tradition, and for herself, The Columbia Gypsy. Unlike the typical Green Man reviewer, most of what she reviews comes to her directly as radio promos. She is always very interested in music from Scotland and Finland. Right now her fleeting but immediate interest is in West Coast Balkan music.

Most of what she reads is the horoscope in The Willamette Weekly, CD liner notes and the police report in The Dalles Chronicle. That's why you don't see her doing many book reviews. But she is also a great admirer of John McPhee, David Guterson, and William Least Heat Moon. She loves to travel, drink wine, and take pictures. When possible she sings sacred harp in Portland and contra dances at Rockford Grange. She likes to play the fiddle, but doesn't do it very well. She's done a huge amount of family history work. She used to remodel houses but has reformed. She likes looking at sexy young Swedish men with long blond hair and going to progressive metal concerts. Anything else? Ask.

Her e-mail address is gennett@gorge.net. Her genuinely expansive Web page is www.columbiagypsy.net.