On October 3, 1975, at 10:56 p.m., Jason Erik Lundberg, Reviewer, was born in a small hospital in Brooklyn, New York, sporting a full head of hair and screaming with the new air in his lungs. He is one half Greek (from his mother), one quarter Swedish (from his father), and one quarter mutt, which includes Irish, Welsh, French, and a little bit of everything else (from his grandmother). He lived with his parents in Brooklyn for about a year before moving to Rocky Mount, North Carolina, home for the head offices for Hardees, Inc., which employed his father. After living in three different houses in five years, during which his sister was born, they moved to Norman, Oklahoma, where they lived for seven more years. Then they moved back to North Carolina, this time to Raleigh, and he's been in the area ever since.

He's a fiction writer, having caught a rather virulent strain of the writing bug at the tender age of seven, when he started writing mysteries about his mother's car ("The Pulsar NX Is Missing"). In 1993 he won a fifty dollar At-Large prize in the Raleigh Fine Arts Society Literary Contest for his science fiction story, "Nothing Hidden on Earth." He graduated from the 2002 Clarion Workshop, and is currently at work on a novel. His nonfiction essay "The Old Switcheroo: A Study in Role Reversal" was accepted at the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts for the 2003 conference, and will be published in The Neil Gaiman Reader, a book of essays on Gaiman's fiction, edited by Darrell Schweitzer and coming out sometime in 2003.

Jason is a member of the Horror Writers Association and the Cup-a-Prose writer's group. He is a professional tuba player, semi-pro black-and-white photographer, and acoustic guitar player. He has traveled to England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece, and one day hopes to visit Ireland, with which he has become obsessed in the last few years, turning him into a full-blown Celtophile.

Please check out his Web site here, and you can email him here.