OR Melling

OR Melling was born in Ireland, grew up in Canada, and now lives again in Ireland, having stopped along the way in many other ports of call (India and Borneo being two fav’s.) “To travel hopefully” is her motto and she’s open to turning over or rolling along with a few more stones before her day is done. In one of her many incarnations, Orla played bodhrán and sang backing vocals with Irish trad/folk group Inisfail and organised the first Bealtaine Festival at Toronto’s Harbourfront, featuring Rare Air and some other great Celtic Canadian acts. Musically, she has now moved on to a full drum kit, thanks to a deaf neighbour. Orla was a champion Irish dancer before they started wearing wigs and sequins, and can still dance up a storm but for nowhere near as long (three minutes tops). But then there’s set-dancing, another passion along with hiking through the Wicklow Hills which are on her doorstep. Oh, yes, and writing books. For money. No, for love. Well, both. Art for art’s sake and money for godsake.

You can visit her website here.