Lisa L. Spangenberg, Reviewer, is a digital medievalist and has the domain name to prove it. Her dissertation is about other world intruders in medieval English and Celtic texts. Blessed with a relatively reliable DSL connection, she has been informing and entertaining the Web-enabled world about matters Celtic, medieval, and digital for eleven years. She has produced CD-ROMS for The Voyager Company and Calliope Media, managed several thousand course Web sites annually for UCLA's Instructional Enhancement Initiative, edited a number of technology publications, and taught more literature and composition classes than she cares to remember. She has a fondness for Celtic and other traditional music, takes a profound joy in tearing words apart to expose their Indo-European roots, can tell you a number of ways to make chili, and explain exactly why it was that the chicken crossed the road. When not thusly engaged, she likes reading Emma Bull, Patricia McKillip, Dorothy Dunnett, and C. J. Cherryh, most often whilst listening to Silly Wizard, June Tabor, and Archie Fisher. She can be reached by e-mail here.