James A. Hetley

Jim Hetley, Maine writer of contemporary fantasy, lives in an 1850s house suitable for a horror movie, with an electrical system installed while Edison still walked the earth, peeling lead-based paint, questionable plumbing, a furnace dating back to Teddy Roosevelt's presidency, and a roof perpetually in need of shingling. And windows that rattle in the winter gales. He's an architect. Not just any architect, but he specializes in renovation and adaptive reuse of old buildings. Go figure.

Some of those old buildings feature in his Maine-based books: The Summer Country, The Winter Oak, Dragon's Eye, and Dragon's Teeth. If you haven't bought all of them yet, get at it! He needs the sales. Maybe to shingle that roof?

Like all proper and up-to-date publicity hounds, Jim maintains a blog with the astoundingly-original title of jhetley.livejournal.com. Mostly he natters on about Maine weather, bicycling, and the neighborhood cats, but he does mention writing and architectural projects on occasion.

His web page (updated at least once a year) can be found here.