Huw Collingbourne, Reviewer, was born in Wales but now lives in an old watermill 'across the water' in North Devon. At an early age he realised that hard work was a very bad idea and therefore decided to become a freelance journalist. During his varied and dissolute career he has written for, edited and a published a variety of magazines and has presented features for BBC television. Back in the '80s, Huw was a pop music journalist. You can find his interviews with stars ranging from Boy George to Simon Le Bon on his Web site. For a brief period, he was the manager of UK showbiz sensation Elvis Aris 'The Amazing Bottom Impersonator' (but the less said about that the better).

Huw's recreational interests include tarot cards, mentalism ('mind reading '), Welsh mythology, Mediaeval poetry, Jacobean revenge tragedies, Aikido (he is a 2nd dan black belt and has the bruises to prove it!) and walking a large Pyrenean Mountain Dog named Bran for mile after mile through rain, storm, tempest, muck and mire over the moors and meadows of the wild West Country.

You can reach Huw by e-mail here.