Connor Freff Cochran

Connor Freff Cochran is the only human being on the planet who has been a comic book writer and illustrator, a BBC-television computer science reporter, and a graduate of the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Clown College (class of '74). His resume is long and extremely silly, the result of having been self-employed since January 1974 as a writer, artist, composer, musician, actor, producer, magazine columnist, public speaker, product interface designer, TV journalist, and business consultant. These days he works mainly in film and television and as publisher of Conlan Press.

In 2001 Connor started work on a new screenplay adaptation of Peter S. Beagle's first novel, A Fine and Private Place. Somehow this project mutated over time to include being Peter's business manager, agent, producer, publisher, collaborator, and fill-in-the-blank-as-necessary.

Connor was born in Miami, but thinks of himself as being from Kansas City because that's where he was raised. Today he lives in San Francisco's Inner Sunset district (though often as not you'll find him in Los Angeles or New York City or wherever else business takes him).

You can email him here.