30 April 1999

Debbie Skolnik scores this week's Excellence in Writing Award with her thoughtful and extensive review of Northern Journey 2: A Guide to Canadian Folk Music on CD by Gene Wilburn. With all the great music coming out of Canada, you'll want to keep this valuable resource in mind.

Rowan Inish treats us to a review of One for the Morning Glory by John Barnes on the fiction page. Also on the fiction page, a pair of reviews from Marian McHugh: J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie with illustrations by Greg Becker. Jayme Blaschke turns our attention to non fiction with a review of The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter.

Welcome to our newest staff member, Danny Cohen, who makes his debut with One More Trip To Birdland by Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau. Danny's review appears on the North American Roots page.

On the Celtic Traditions page, Rowan Inish sheds light on Trio Nocturna's Songs of the Celtic Night while on the English Traditions page, Jayme Blaschke takes a look a at Out of Time by Wyndynwyre.

26 April 1999

Take a look at the new recipients of the Folk Tales Site Award!

There's an eclectic selection of music reviews presented for your approval: on the Celtic Traditions page, Jayme Blaschke reviews Glasnots' Brave Spirits, featuring that haunting, melodic, and esoteric instrument, the glass harmonica. And April Gutierrez takes to the road -- specifically, to The Gypsy Road performed by multiple artists. Her review of Roma music is on the Worldbeat page. Finally, in the North American Roots section we head south for Deep River of Song: Black Appalachia performed by various artists and reviewed by Brendan Foreman.

19 April 1999

Jo Morrison once again provides our featured article with a masterful comparative review of two editions of The Mabinogian, one edited by Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones and one edited by Jeffrey Gantz. Read her review on the Folklore page.

L.G. Burnett examines The Children's Culture Reader edited by Henry Jenkins, also on the Folklore page.

All of our music reviews are on the Celtic Traditions page this time. Jo Morrison has been busy this week; in addition to her piece on the Mabinogian, she also reviews Dancing at Lughnasa, music composed by Bill Whelan and Stuart Mantz Band's Threesome Reel. Judith Gennett reviews Evolver by Barking Monkey, and Jayme Blaschke takes a look at the re-release Clannad's first album Clannad.

15 April 1999

The featured article for this edition is Jo Morrison's review of The Rough Guide: The Music of Eastern Europe, selected for her outstanding lyrical writing. Enjoy Jo's review on the East European and Russian Traditions page.

Michael Jones offers two very different book reviews: Bernard Werber's fascinating Empire of the Ants on the Fiction page and Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands by Loyal Jones on the General Non fiction page.

April Gutierrez reviews Rustëd Root's Remember on the North American Roots page, then moves to the Celtic Traditions page with a review of Macdougal Blues by Kevn Kinney.

Jo Morrison's second offering, a retrospective essay on the works of science fiction author Lois McMaster Bujold, appears on the Essays page in Folk'n About.

11 April 1999

The featured article for this edition is Jayme Lynn Blaschke's interview with Gordon Van Gelder, editor of The Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy. You'll find that with the Book Folk Interviews on the Folk 'N About page.

April Gutierrez explores Charles de Lint's Mulengro, A Romany Tale. Her review is on the Fiction page.

April also reviews Rustëd Roots' When I Woke on the Folk Rock page, and Pamela Murray Winters reviews Informal Sessions by Joe Cormier.

07 April 1999

Head for the Music Related reviews page for Chuck Lipsig's review of Pistol Packin' Mama: Aunt Molly Jackson and the Politics of Folksong. Chuck's careful analysis of the book's strengths and weaknesses merit consideration earns it our featured article this time.

On the Fiction page, Jayme Blaschke takes a look at The Spirit Ring, a fantasy based departure for science fiction writer Lois McMaster Bujold. Also on the Fiction page, Laurie Thayer tackles Richard Bowes' Minions of the Moon.

Welcome to one of our new reviewers making her debut: Jessica Skolnik reviews Out of Tune by Mojave 3 on the North American Roots page. (And if her name sounds familiar -- Jessica is the daughter of GMR Staffers Debbie and Jeff Skolnik. Talent obviously runs in the family.)

03 April 1999

Marian McHugh reviews Roar and Roar: The Cauldron by Sean Kiernan for Roar fans looking for light reading.

We have a world of music reviews for this edition! First up is a review of Strang by Zubot and Dawson by Debbie Skolnik on the American Roots page. Also on the American Roots page, Jo Morrison reviews Volo Bogtrotters CD Old Time String Band with Vocal Accompaniment.