Jenn Adams, In The Pool

Julie Adams and the Rhino Boys, I Don't Mind Walking

Agricantus, Faiddi

Ahenk, Turkish Classical Music

Alban Josué, Polska på Pan

Chava Alberstein and The Klezmatics, The Well

Albion Band, Battle of the Field

Albion Band, The BBC Sessions

Albion Band, Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival

Albion Band, Happy Accident

Albion Band, 1990

Albion Band, Songs from the Shows

Alboka, Lorius

Carol Alexander, You and I

Heather Alexander, Life's Flame

Heather Alexander, Midsummer

Heather Alexander, Wanderlust

Monty Alexander, My America

All Blacked Up, Spirits of Another Sort)

All Blacked Up, Say I Am Dancing

Altramar, Crossroads of the Celts

Altramar, Crossroads of the Celts

Altramar, Iberian Garden, Volumes I II

Altan, Best of Altan

Altan, The First Ten Years 1986-1995

Altan, Harvest Storm

Altan, Horse with a Heart

Altan, Island Angel

Altan, The Red Crow

Dave Alvin, Public Domain: Songs from the Wild Land

Amanda, Cafe Creole

Amarillis, Waltzing in the Trees

Amazing Blondel, A Foreign Field That Is Forever England

Pancho Amat y el cabildo del son, De San Antonio a Maisi

Ancient Beatbox, Ancient Beatbox

Tori Amos, Strange Little Girls

Ancient Hand, Tranze is the Danze

Andean Fusion, The Magical Music of the Andes: Dreams

Eric Andersen, You Can't Relive the Past

Eric Andersen, Violets of Dawn

Jon Anderson, The Promise Ring

Neil Anderson, Dante's Local

Neil Anderson and friends, Full Circle

Benny Andersson Orkester, Benny Andersson Orkester

Anon Egeland, Ånon

Antonello Paliotti Trio, Tarantella Storta

Ao, Grow Wild

Apocalyptica, Inquisition Symphony

Apocalyptica, Plays Metallica by Four Cellos

Rachele Colombo Corrado Corradi, Archedora

Chris Ardoin and Double Clutchin', Best Kept Secret

Ar Log, Ar Log VI

Frankie Armstrong, Till the Grass O'ergrew the Corn

Frankie Armstrong, The Fair Moon Rejoices

Frankie Armstrong, I Heard A Woman Singing

Frankie Armstrong, The Garden of Love

Chris Armstrong, Notes in Ma Heid

Chris Armstrong, Quantum Leap

Randy Armstrong, Dinner On The Diner

Asha, Close Enough

Steve Ashley, Everyday Lives

Steve Ashley, Stroll On Revisited

Steve Ashley, The Test Of Time

Asiaminor, Along The Street

Ass Ponys, Some Stupid With a Flare Gun

Athanor, Athanor

Athenians, Greek Songs, Dances and Rembetiko

Atlantic Crossing, Full And Away

Atlantic Crossing, Wind Against The Tide

Atomic City Rhythm Rascals, Atomic City Rhythm Rascals

Austin Lounge Lizards, Never an Adult Moment

Seth Austen, Metamorphosis

Avalon Rising, Avalon Rising

Bachué, A Certain Smile

Bacon Brothers, Can't Complain

Badenya, les freres Coulibaly

Bad Haggis, Ark

Bad Haggis, Bad Haggis

Bad Haggis, Trip

Joan Baez, Joan Baez

Joan Baez, Joan Baez, Vol. II

Joan Baez, Noel

Bag o' Cats, Out of the Bag

Bag o' Tricks/Tricky Brits, Bag o' Tricks

Aly Bain, Aly Bain Friends

Aly Bain Phil Cunningham, Another Gem

Aly Bain and Ale Moller, Fully Rigged

Long John Baldry, A Thrill's A Thrill: the Canadian Years

Ballycotton, A La Cut

Ballycotton, Fairytale

Ballycotton, Joanna's Wedding

Ballydowse, Out of the Fertile Crescent

Kalman Balogh and the Gypsy Cimbalom Band, Gypsy Jazz

Baltimore Consort, The Ladyes Delight

Baltimore Consort, The Mad Buckgoat: Ancient Music of Ireland

Banditaliana, Thapsos

Band of Hope, 'Rhythm Red'

Bannal, Waulking Songs

Barking Monkey, Evolver

Banshee Reel, Culture Vulture

Barbaros Erköse Ensemble, Lingo Lingo

Kim Barlow, Gingerbread

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, The Gael

Linn Barnes, Allison Hampton, Wendy Morrison, and Myron Bretholz, The Celtic Consort

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, The Dark Island

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, The Spiral Castle

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, The Sylvan Court

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, Moonlight

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, Yule

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, Ireland

Linn Barnes and Allison Hampton, Wassail

Damien Barber, Boxed

Chatham Baroque with Chris Norman, Reel of Tulloch

Deborah Bartley, These Small Rooms

Chris Bartram and Keith Holloway, Four Red Feet

Back to Base, Heading for the Door

Barely Works, Don't Mind Walking

Battlefield Band, Happy Daze

Battlefield Band, Leaving Friday Harbor

Battlefield Band, Opening Moves

Battlefield Band, rain, hail or shine

Battlefield Band, Threads

Sarah Bauhan, Broad Waters

Mark Bazeley Jason Rice Moor Music

BC and the Blues Crew, Unfinished Business

Dave Beegle, A Year Closer

Beausoleil, Arc de Triomphe Two Step

Beausoleil, The Best of The Crawfish Years, 1985 -- 1991

Jack Beck, O Lassie, Lassie

Bedlam, evolution of the lazy tongue

Beggar's Row, Soldiers of Peace

Beginish, Beginish

Marina Belica, december girl

Derek Bell, Carolan's receipt, The music of Carolan, Volume 1

Helen Bell, Audierne

Peter Bellamy, Wake the Vaulted Echoes: A Celebration of Peter Bellamy

Belshazzar's Feast, Drop The Reed

Belshazzar's Feast, John Playford's Secret Ball

Belshazzar's Feast, Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance

Belshazzar's Feast, One Too Many

Derek Bell, Carolan's receipt, The music of Carolan, Volume 1

Martyn Bennett, Bothy Culture

Martyn Bennett, Glen Lyon

Martyn Bennett, Martyn Bennett

Tab Benoit, These Blues Are All Mine

Pierre Bensusan, Intuite

Bevel Jenny, Above the Clouds...

Bevel Jenny, Still Searching (CD Single)

Beyond the Pale, Angel on the 7th Stair

Beyond the Pale, Routes(different group from the previous listing)

Alan Bibey, In the Blue Room

Big Bag Of Sticks, Run Wild (EP)

Big Bag Of Sticks. Short Term Memory

Big Sky, Volume 1, The Source

Bill Hilly Band, The Bill Hilly Band

Birol Topaloglu, aravani

Markus Bishko and The Alaska Klezmer Band, Featuring Hankus Netsky and Nokhes Fun Newbury, self-titled

Bismarks, Upstream -- Traditional Dance Music from England

Bjarv, Bjarv

Black '47, Black '47

Black 47, Black 47 EP

Black 47, fire of freedom

Black 47, Green Suede Shoes

Black 47, Home of the Brave

Black 47, Live in New York City

Black 47, Trouble in the Land

Blazin' Fiddles, Fire On!

Rory Block, I'm Every Woman

Blowzabella, A Richer Dust

Blowzabella, Bobbityshooty

Blowzabella, Blowzabella Wall of Sound

Blowzabella, Compilation

Blowzabella, Pingha Frenzy

Blue Horses, Dragons Milk and Coal

Blue Murder, No One Stands Alone

Blue Ridge, Common Ground

Blue Rodeo, Five Days in July

Blue Rodeo, Lost Together

Blues Project, Anthology

Blyth Power, On the Viking Station

Blyth Power, Paradise Razed

Blyth Power, The Bricklayer's Arms

Booglerizers, Extra Crispy

Billy Bragg, The Internationale

Bocephus King, A small good thing

Eric Bogle, Endangered Species

Boiled in Lead, Alloy 1

Boiled in Lead, Alloy2

Boiled in Lead, Antler Dance

Boiled in Lead, Boiled in Lead

Boiled in Lead, Hotheads

Boiled in Lead, From the Ladle to the Grave

Boiled in Lead, Old Lead

Boiled in Lead, Orb

Boiled in Lead, Songs From The Gypsy

Bollywood Brass Band, Bollywood Brass Band

Boogaloo Swamis, Have Some Fun Tonight

Bonga, Mulemba Xangola

Boot, Virvla

Patrick Bouffard, Roots 'n' Roll

Bounds Street, Diaspora

Bill Bourne, Sally's Dream

Bourque, Bernard, Lepage, Matapat

Bowhouse Quintet, Live in Ennis

Gill Bowman, Toasting the Ladies

Turlach Boylan, Shame The Devil

Turlach Boylan, The Tidy Cottage

BOYS from the HILL, BOYS from the HILL

Boys of the Lough, Midwinter Night's Dream

Cristina Branco, Post-Scriptum

Patricia Brady, Irish Jubilee, Favorite Irish Melodies

Paul Brady, The Liberty Tapes

Paul Brady, Nobody Knows - The Best of Paul Brady

Billy Bragg and Wilco, Mermaid Avenue, Vol. II

Billy Bragg, More from the William Bloke Sessions: Bloke On Bloke'

Randall Bramblett, No More Mr. Lucky

Mary Cay Brass and friends, Green Mountain

Brass Monkey, Going Staying

Breakaway, Hold With Hope

Cormac Breatnach, Musical Journey

Cormac Breatnach Martin Dunlea, Music for Whistle Guitar

Breton Corse, Polyphonies Corses et chants

Debbie Brewin-Wilson, Dream of Caledonia

Bricks and Mortar, Two Left Feet

Bridge Ceili Band, Sparks On Flags

Broadside Electric, More Bad News

Brobdingnagian Bards, A Faire to Remember

Brobdingnagian Bards, Songs of the Muse

Broceliande, Broceliande

Broceliande, The Starlit Jewel

Brolum 7:11

Brother, Crazy (Just Like Everyone) (single)

Brother, I You You Me

Brother, This Way Up

Brothers 3, Brothers 3

Brothers 3, No Turning Back

Greg Brown, Milk of The Moon

Greg Brown, Over and Under

Mason Brown and Chipper Thompson, Am I Born to Die

Robert U. Brown and Robert B. Nicol, Masters of Piobaireachd

Rodney Brown, Into the Woods

Tom Barbara Brown, Where The Umber Flows Vols. 1 and 2

Ian Bruce Band, Jigs, Jives and Jacobites

Peter Bruntnell, Normal For Bridgwater

Stephen Bruton, Nothing But the Truth

(BUB), (BUB)

Akire Bubar, Arms of the Sun

Buena Vista Social Club, Buena Vista Social Club

Sandy Bull, E Pluribus Unum

Sandy Bull, Inventions

Sandy Bull, Jukebox School of Music

Sandy Bull, Re-Inventions: Best of the Vanguard Years

Sandy Bull, Steel Tears

Sandy Bull, Vehicles

Bumblebees, Buzzin'

Burach, Born Tired

Burach, Deeper

Eric Burdon's I Band, The Official Live Bootleg #1

Eric Burdon and the New Animals, The Official Live Bootleg #2

Kevin Burke, In Concert

Bursledon Village Band, Straight from the Fingers

Ursula Burns, According to Ursula Burns

Burns Sisters, Out of the Blue

R.L.Burnside, My Black Name A-Ringing

burtschi brothers, ain't being treated right

Stephen Bruton, Spirit World

Sam Bush, Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride

Bushburys, Trying to Catch the Sun

Cache Valley Drifters,

Dennis Cahill and Martin Hayes, Live in Seattle

Calennig, A Gower Garland

Calico, Songdogs

Duncan Cameron, The Whistling Thief

Hamilton Camp, Mardi's Bard

Kate Campbell, Moonpie Dreams

Kate Campbell, Rosaryville

Kate Campbell, Songs From the Levee

Kate Campbell, Visions of Plenty

Kate Campbell,Wandering Strange

Roddy Campbell, Tarruinn Anmoch Late Cull

Rory Campbell Malcolm Stitt, Field of Bells

Candido Fabre y su Banda, La Habana Quiere Guarachar Contigo

Canterach, Canterach

Canty with William Taylor, Wings of Wisdom

Cantychiels, Cantychiels

Capercaillie, Dusk Till Dawn

Captain Beefheart, Grow Fins

Captain Beefheart His Magic Band, Trout Mask Replica

Captain Tractor, East Of Edson

Caravel, A Sailor's Story

Acie Cargill The Stone In Shoes Band, In the Willow Garden

Carreg Lafar, Hyn

Liz Carroll, Lost in the Loop

Caitlin Cary, Waltzie

Capercaillie, Nadurra

Captain Swing, and other likely stories

Carrantuohill, Between

Eliza Carthy, Angels Cigarettes

Martin Carthy Dave Swarbrick, Both Ears and The Tail

Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles

Martin Carthy, The Carthy Chronicles: the Companion CD-ROM

Mike Craver, Shining Down

Caitlin Cary, Waltzie

Caitlin Cary, While You Weren't Looking

Peter Case, Flying Saucer Blues

Karan Casey, Songlines

Karan Casey, The Winds begin to Sing

Cats Laughing, Another Way to Travel

Ceili Rain, Ceili Rain

Celtic Fiddle Festival, Rendezvous

CelticKnotwork, A Tune on th e Mist

Celtic Nots, Deep Midwinter

Celtic Nots, Not Music

Celtic Offspring, "Nobody Cries When You Cut Up a Bagpipe

Celtic Roots, Haunting Irish Airs

Celtic Soul, Wee Blue Man

Ceolbeg, Cairn Water

Owen "Snake" Chapman, Walnut Gap

Changeling, The Hidden World

Tom Chapin, Common Ground

Tom Chapin, In the City of Mercy

Boozoo Chavis, Down Home on Dog Hill

Sarah Cheffins and Pete Millard, Kinin

Cherish the Ladies, One and All - the best of Cherish the Ladies

Chieftains, Chieftains Collection:The Very Best of the Claddagh Years

The Chieftains, From the beginning: The Chieftains 1 to 4

Childe Rolande, Long Last

Chris Chandler, Collaborations

Charivari, I Want to Dance With You

Chulrua, Barefoot on the Altar

Citizen Camembert, Anchovy Cuppuccino

Calasaig, Near Far

Clancy Brothers (with Lou Killen), Best of the Vanguard Years

Clancy Brothers and/or Liam Clancy (listed asVarious Artists), Irish Pub Songs

Liam Clancy, Irish Troubadour

Willie Clancy, The Pipering Of Willie Clancy, Volumes 1 2

Clandestine, The Ale Is Dear

Clandestine, The Haunting

Clandestine, Music from Home

Clandestine, To Anybody At All

Clannad, An Diolaim

Clannad, Clannad

Clannad, Rogha: The Best of Clannad

Guy Clark, Cold Dog Soup

Terri Clark, How I Feel

Clarks, Live

Clatterbone, With A Twisted Grin

Vikki Clayton, Honour-Tokened

Slaid Cleaves, Broke Down

Slaid Cleaves, Holiday Sampler

Climax Chicago Blues Band, Rock Pop Legends

Clumsy Lovers, Barnburner

Clydesiders, Crossing the Borders

Willie Cobbs, Jukin'

Bruce Cockburn, Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner In Timbuktu

Coila, Full On

Coinneach, Ice, Trees and Lullabies

Colcannon (Australian version), Omit the Turnips

Colcannon (Australian version), Step it Out,

Colcannon,Athens Hotel

 9; Colcannon, Corvus

Colcannon, Some Foreign Land

Colcannon, Saint Bartholemew's Feast

Colcannon, The Life of Riley's Brother

Conjunto Casino, Montuno en Neptuno #960

Phil Collins Big Band, A Hot Night In Paris

Committee Band,´s about time!

Common Ground, Live at Emu Farm

Continental Drifters, Vermilion

Common Ground, Wings of Silver

John Conlee, Live at Billy Bob's Texas

Mick Conneely, Selkie

Dudley Connell and Don Rigsby, Meet Me By The Moonlight

Johhny B. Connolly, bridgetown

Rita Connolly, Rita Connolly

Rita Connolly, Valparaiso

Stompin' Tom Connors, Move Along With Stompin' Tom

Continental Drifters, Better Day

Continental Drifters, Continental Drifters

Continental Drifters, Vermilion

Ry Cooder, Boomer's Story

Ry Cooder, Bop Til You Drop

Ry Cooder, Borderline

Ry Cooder, Chicken Skin Music

Ry Cooder, Get Rhythm

Ry Cooder, Into The Purple Valley

Ry Cooder, Jazz

Ry Cooder and V. M. Bhatt, Meeting By The River

Ry Cooder, Music By Ry Cooder

Ry Cooder, Paradise Lunch

Ry Cooder, River Rescue/TheVeryBestOfRyCooder

Ry Cooder, Ry Cooder

Ry Cooder, Showtime

Ry Cooder, The Slide Area

Jesse Cook Free Fall

Judy Cook, Far from the Lowlands

Judy Cook, If You Sing Songs

Coope, Boyes Simpson, What We Sing Is What We Are

Phil Cooper Margaret Nelson, The Only Dance We Know

Cordelia's Dad, Spine

Miguel Angel Cortes, Patriarca

Corvus Corax, Mille Anni Passi Sunt

Cosmic Voices of Bulgaria, Mechmetio

The Cottars, Made in Cape Breton

James Cotton, Late Night Blues

Phil Coulter, Lake of Shadows

Tommy Couper, The Piper's Muse

Debra Cowan, The Long Grey Line

John Cowan, John Cowan

Cowboy Junkies, Open

Harry Cox, What Will Become Of England?

Terry Coyne, The Other Side

Cran, Lover's Ghost

Paul Cranford and Friends, The Lighthouse

Craobh Rua, If Ida Been Here, Ida Been There

Crasdant, Crasdant

Kevin Crawford, In Good Company

Robert Cray, Take Your Shoes Off

Marshall Crenshaw, No. 447

Robert Crenshaw, Victory Songs

Crooked Jack Billy McGuire, An Audience with Crooked Jack Billy McGuire: A Night in a Scottish Pub

Cry Cry Cry, Cry Cry Cry

Cuillin , Cuillin

Johnny Cunningham and others, peter wendy

Curtis and Loretta, Sit Down Beside Me

Catie Curtis, A Crash Course in Roses

Catie Curtis, Catie Curtis

Catie Curtis, Truth From Lies

Cusan Tan, Kiss of Fire

Cut and Dry Band, The Wind in the Reeds -- The Northumbrian Smallpipes

Jennifer Cutting All-Stars, Forgiveness(single)

Malcolm Dalglish and the Ooolites, Pleasure: Folk Choir Music with Hammer Dulcimer

Malcolm Dalglish and the Ooolites, Hymnody of Earth: A Ceremony of Songs for Choir, Hammer Dulcimer, and Percussion

Dalla , A Richer Vein

Dalriada,Lost Love's Dressing Gown

Dan ar Braz, Dan Ar Braz et l'Heritage des Celtes - Finisterres

Dangerous Curves, Ladies of a Certain Age

Rick Danko, "Times like these"

Danú, Think Before You Think

Krishna Das, Live On Earth

Krishna Das, Pilgrim Heart

David Davidson, Celtic Fantasy

Reverend Gary Davis, O, Glory: The Apostolic Studio Sessions

Margaret Davis, Princess Of Flowers

Meg Davis, The Music Of Wonderland

Julian Dawson, Spark

Julian Dawson, Under the Sun

Steve Dawson Bug Parade

Deaf Shepherd, Synergy

Deepak Ram, Searching For Satyam

Deaf Shepherd, Ae Spark of Nature´s Fire

Alex de Grassi and Quique Cruz, Tatamonk

Alex de Grassi, The Water Garden

Christopher Delaney, Brighten Up My Days

Luis Delgado, El hechizo de Babilonia

Jovenes Clasicos del Son, Fruta Bomba

Chet Delcampo, The Fountain

BobDelyn a'r Ebillion, Gwba de Bach Cochlyd

Den Fule, Quake

De Madera, Aire y Candela

Dervish, at the end of the day

Dervish, decade

Dervish, Harmony Hill

Dervish, Live in Palm

Dervish, Midsummer's Night

Dervish, Playing with Fire

Julio Padron Y Los Amigos De Sta. Amalia, Descarga Santa

Maras Sinemilli Deyisleri/Ulas Ozdemir, Ummanda

Ani DiFranco, revelling/reckoning

Dilettantes, This Small Town

Cara Dillon, Cara Dillon

Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces

Don Dixon, The Invisible Man

John Doan, Eire: Isle of the Saints

J ohn Doan, Wayfarer

Liz Doherty Fiddlesticks, Racket in the Rectory

Liz Doherty, Last Orders

Donna the Buffalo, Positive Friction

Donna the Buffalo, Rockin' in the Weary Land

David Doucet, 1957: Solo Cajun Guitar

Jerry Douglas Lookout for Hope

K. C. Douglas, Mercury Blues

Dragonship, The Rhymer and the Ravens

Draupner, Draupner

Dreamcraft, Echoes of Ancient Songs

Drinkers Drouth with Davy Steele, A Tribute

Drones Bellows, Bothwell

Drones Bellows, The Dancing Dog

Drones Bellows, Songs of the Chanter

Lucky Dube, Rough Guide to Lucky Dube

Will Duke and Dan Quinn, Scanned - music for lungs and bellows

Duellists, English Hurdy Gurdy

John Duffey, Always In Style

Eoin Duignan, Ancient Rite

Linda Dunn, Linda Dunn

Duo Bertrand, Musiques d'hier pour Aujourd'hui

Duo Temuzhin, Altai-Khangain-Ayalguu

Rene Dupere, Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria

Richard Dyer-Bennet, Volume 2

Richard Dyer-Bennet, Volume 5

Bob Dylan, The Freewheelin Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, The Times They Are A Changin

Bob Dylan, Another Side of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, Bringing It All Back Home