• Reviewer Guide
    General GMR Procedures

  • Last Updated: 4/2/2005

All Received Materials Must Be Reviewed: You must review every item you are sent, unless it is made clear that the item is a freebie. If for any reason you cannot or will not review an item, you must send it back to the appropriate editor, or, at the appropriate editor's discretion, send the item to another staff member, so that it can be reviewed.

Waiting for Delivery: Please allow up to a month for delivery of review items inside the USA. We pay postage out of our own pockets and usually choose the least expensive (and slowest) mailing class possible. If you live outside of the USA, it could take months to receive items for review. When you do receive the items we send you, please contact the Editor and let us know, so we can track all our review materials.

Deadline: All reviews are published on a rolling basis.


BOOKS -- April Gutierrez

FILMS & VIDEOS -- Denise Dutton

Mike Wilson

MUSIC -- David Kidney

GMR Proprietary Rights: By becoming a staff member at GMR, you agree that:

  •  You will not review any materials you receive from GMR for any other publication, online or offline

  •  You will not allow the reviews you've written for GMR to be re-published in any other publication, online or offline.

We do allow reviewers to reprint their reviews on their own Web sites, as long as GMR is properly credited. See the Reprint FAQ for more information.

Editorial Perogative: Occasionally an editor will ask for changes or clarifications in a review; please be open to constructive criticism. We do edit for grammar, usage, and require compliance with the GMR Style Sheet. Our editors do try to preserve the individual styles and voices of our reviewers. An editor may ask that you revise, properly format, re-send, update, or add to your review, especially if it does not follow the GMR Style Sheet.

Sending Reviews: Send reviews in the body of a plain text e-mail, not as HTML, nor as attachments.

HTML formatting in the email body may be permitted, provided the editor agrees to accept HTML in advance.

Volunteer Reviews: We welcome reviews of appropriate materials that you may own, have borrowed, rented, or otherwise viewed. We only publish one review of a particular work. Be sure to check our indices, and then obtain approval from the appropriate area editor before proceeding with a review of any materials you have not been sent. Occasionally an area editor may need to make a determination regarding whether or not the item you want to review 'fits' GMR's overall theme. The Editor in Chief, while retaining the authority to determine the overall vision of GMR, will support the decisions of the editors regarding whether or not specific material should be reviewed.


Please send reviews, requests concerning reviews, suggestions for reviews, or corrections to factual content in reviews, etc., to the appropriate editor:


CDs -- Kim Bates.

Books -- April Gutierrez.

Live Performances -- Denise Dutton.

Film and Video -- Denise Dutton.

Report proofreading mistakes, broken graphics, and dead or changed links to the proofing staff.

Assigning Reviews: Criteria for assigning reviews and review materials to specific reviewers are solely the discretion of each individual area editor.

Backlog: You may request new items while you are still working on those you have, but because it is important to review items as quickly as possible, we ask reviewers to keep their backlog as small as possible. If your backlog is too large you may not get new items until you have reviewed some of what you already have. In addition, we ask that you send in reviews of items received from GMR before submitting volunteer reviews of your own materials, unless you've worked out a prior arrangement with the appropriate area editor.

Inactive Staff: If you do not submit an accepted review for three months, without an explanation, then we'll contact you to see if you're still interested in reviewing for us. If we don't hear back from you, we'll assume you've moved on to other things, and drop you from staff. You may audition to rejoin the staff, but please wait to do so until you are willing and able to resume regular reviewing.

Staff Bios: Every staff member must provide a biography for the staff page. The bio can contain any personal or professional information you choose to make public. It can be as short or long (within reason) as you like. Nom de plumes are fine. Your bio must include a reliable e-mail address where you can be contacted. We expect you to inform GMR when your contact information changes. See other reviewers' bios on the staff page for ideas. Send your bio to Tim Hoke. You can also contact Tim Hoke when you'd like to update or make any other changes to your bio.


The GMR Staff List is for e-mail having to do specifically with magazine business. The Break Room List, affectionately called Natter, is a virtual 'staff lounge,' for discussion, chat, and hijinks. Upon being approved as a staff reviewer, just e-mail Tim Hoke requesting to be added to the list(s), and he will see that you are subscribed.


There are three criteria which a review must meet to earn an Excellence in Writing Award.

  1.  The review must be technically flawless, or as nearly so as possible. A couple of typos are fine, but the grammar, spelling, punctuation and so on must be correct and in keeping with GMR's overall style sheet.
  3.  The review must be thorough. It must cover all aspects of the item being reviewed, and contain not just a synopsis or a listing of contents, but critical consideration of each element. In other words, it should be a review, not just a summary or report. If further sources are available online, the review should make note of them, especially if they happen to be GMR reviews. Auspices and other background information, as they add depth and clarity to

  4.  The review should be interesting. This is admittedly the most subjective criterion. The only way to get a true sense of what GMR editors find 'interesting' is to read reviews that have been awarded Excellence in Writing Awards in the past. Creativity, on the other hand, will often extend the boundaries of what is interesting.

Information will be added to this Reviewer Guide as new questions or concerns arise. Please check back occasionally for updates.

If you have any questions about any part of this Reviewer Guide, or want details on how to become a Staff Reviewer at Green Man, contact:

Tim Hoke
Managing Editor
The Green Man Review