And for your reading pleasure . . .

We have books. (Big surprise, that.)

First, let’s see what’s in store in Brandon Sanderson’s The Emperor’s Soul — how do you rebuild an Emperor in 100 days (or less)? Hint: failure is not an option.

Next, an anthology assembled by John Joseph Adams, Epic: Legends of Fantasy, that puts heroic fantasy in a new light — something that’s always welcome.

A skip to the side, and we’re out of heroic fantasy into a different kind altogether: Paranormal romance? Classic horror? Or something in between? Check out Kelley Armstrong’s Forbidden and see what you come up with.

Time for another look at a science-fiction classic: how has John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar held up, now that 2010, the year in which it takes place, has come and gone? Read the review to find out. (Gotcha!)

And last on our list for today is a look at another classic, Arthur C. Clarke’s collection, Tales from the White Hart. This is what happens when a bunch of scientists start drinking.

I’ll be back soon — there’s more in the hopper — but this should be enough to get you started.

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