On Hardanger Fiddle Tunes

Behind every traditional hardanger fiddle tune, there is always a story, always a fairy tale, and you actually tell the stories when you play the fiddle.Annbjørg Lien

This superb artist is, as Northside Records, her US label, describes her, ‘renowned for her work on the hardanger fiddle, both as a player of Norwegian traditional music and as a composer of new pieces. The hardanger fiddle is a violin with a flatter fingerboard and a set of sympathetic steel strings that resonate as the instrument is played.’

See our Nordic music edition for more reviews of her and other tasty musicians from this part of the world. Now we do not have any fresh reviews for you in that edition but rather are making recommendations at which Nordic music recordings we’ve reviewed that you should be hearing. The hundred or so recordings in that write-up are but a mere taste of all the Nordic recordings we’ve reviewed but it’s enough to keep you in new music for quite some time!

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