More This and That

And when I say “this and that,” I mean it.

Let’s start with some traditional Scottish music, courtesy of the Paul McKenna Band and their new album, Stem the Tide. Sounds pretty hardcore.

And from there to some traditional American music, more or less, of the country/bluegrass kind, with a release from Nell Robinson, On the Brooklyn Road. No, we’re not talking about New York here.

And from there we move to the undead. Stefan Petrucha’s Dead Mann Walking gives us a glimpse of a zombie PI. Sometimes, resurrection isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

And from D. D. Barant we have Better Off Undead, in which another investigator, who’s managed to stay living up until now, has to decide between becoming a werewolf or a vampire. Not an easy choice, I would say.

And for a complete change of pace, we have the long-awaited sequel to Vernor Vinge’s A Fire Upon the Deep. Children of the Sky follows the adventures of the children of the scientists who almost destroyed the galaxy.

And on that apocalyptic note, we’ll leave you for now. But check back soon.

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